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Create a space that people want to come to

It’s about Netta’s experience. At Netta, our retail studio creates destinations for your customers. Our retail designers deliver a seamless shopping experience by engaging brands and their customer base. Our retail studio offers experience in an ever-evolving market.

Retail Branding Standards

Searching for a reliable and experienced retail architect is challenging, especially for commercial spaces that concentrate on the community; we realize that searching for the perfect balance between utility and flexibility is essential when designing for retail. Not only does the space need to attract visitors and shoppers, it also needs to invite prospective tenants. A well-balanced retail environment starts with the understanding that retail is its sub-discipline of design. On function, our principal retail deliberately considers traffic patterns, visibility, and accessibility to influence design that avoids traffic conflict while enhancing exposure.

Netta Retail Expert

“We sculpt the customer journey as meticulously as a fine artwork. Each design choice is an intricate part of a larger narrative, aimed at elevating the shopping experience into a memorable event that resonates with the essence of the brand.”

Gary Rosenthal RA
Director of Retail

  • Starbucks Café George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, TX

    Houston, Texas

  • Molly Pitcher Service Center

    Cranbury, NJ

  • AppleGreen – Connie Chung Service Center

    New Jersey Turnpike

  • AppleGreen – Joyce Kilmer Service Center

    New Jersey Turnpike

  • AppleGreen Service Center – Whitney Houston

    New Jersey Parkway

  • Galloping Hill Learning Center

    Galloping Hill Learning Center

    Kenilworth, New Jersey