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Designed to Create a Better Experience for your Passengers and Your Team

Our aviation team integrates the various needs of passengers, tenants, employees, and landlords into resilient terminal facilities that bring experience-focused, award-winning design.

Netta’s aviation and public transportation design services are both efficient and sustainable and are now necessary more than ever. Innovative solutions are required with our culture and economy becoming increasingly mobile and concerned with sustainability.

Netta Architects does not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution to your unique challenges. Our team of aviation and public transportation design experts are immersed in the mass transit sector and have an intimate understanding of the industry.

Airports are looking to become fully electric to mitigate their environmental impact.

As airports and terminals look for ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels, they can focus on minimizing the carbon impact of airports by electrifying designs. Whole electrification demands airports to work with occupants, especially flight kitchens and food vendors, to help them transition to electric options.

Netta Aviation & Public Transportation Expert

“Architecture in aviation and transportation is not just about creating spaces, but about crafting the journey, connecting destinations, and elevating the human experience of travel.”

  • Bergen County 133 River Street | Parking Garage

    Bergan County, New Jersey

  • Starbucks Café George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, TX

    Houston, Texas

  • Broad Street Station

    Newark, New Jersey

  • Rutherford Station

    Rutherford, New Jersey

  • Molly Pitcher Service Center

    Cranbury, NJ

  • AppleGreen – Connie Chung Service Center

    New Jersey Turnpike