Markets | Multi-Family & Student Housing

Assemble each space by creating an identity anticipated for the tenants’ needs.

We design exceptional and creative housing solutions. Projects vary from residential, mixed-use, affordable housing to student housing.

The Netta Approach to Multi-Family Housing

Our designers assemble each space by creating an identity anticipated for the tenants’ needs. Then, concepts are drafted based on the desire to help meet their needs. Our team believes this approach results in a higher quality of life for residents. With every multi-family project, our goal remains the same: deliver innovative and creative architecture within your budget, build successful and enduring relationships, and bring value through our professional relationships and development experience.

Your Living Space Improves Your Quality of Life

Multi-family and residential design projects are significant to the Netta Architects team. Whether these are residential units, mixed-use complexes, affordable housing, or HUD living spaces, where you live directly affects your quality of life. The Netta Architects team believes that everyone deserves to live in a sustainable structure that meets their needs.

Netta Multi-Family & Student Housing Expert

“We weave the tapestry of community, stitching together diverse needs with the threads of shared space. Our architecture does not just house individuals; it fosters connections, nurtures communal living, and creates a sense of belonging within the embrace of thoughtfully crafted environments.”

  • Bronx Urban Oasis

    Bronx, New York

  • Newark Tower

    Newark, New Jersey

  • Miami Tower

    Miami, Florida

  • The Edge – Downtown 2nd

    Delray Beach, Florida

  • The Link

    Delray, Florida

  • Bliss on 4th

    Delray, Florida