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Designing genuine experiences for your customers.

Netta creates experiential destinations that grasp your guest’s desires.

Galloping Hill Golf - Outside Dining

Our Hospitality Services

At Netta, we design genuine experiences for your customers. Our hospitality designers are pivotal in shaping hospitality ambiance functionality and overall experiences. Netta creates experiential destinations that grasp your guest’s desires. Our team takes a next-level approach to creating designs that service our clients and their guests.

Hospitality Sustainability at the Core

Netta focuses on eco-consciousness, which is paramount, and our designs prioritize environmental considerations in tandem with luxury. Our team will custom design and tailor your project to create unique environments when appropriate. We proactively establish these connections early in our design process to ensure the success of the relationship and the project.

Netta Hospitality Expert

“Hospitality architecture is about creating spaces that evoke emotions and memories. It’s designing environments that welcome and embrace, providing comfort and luxury while sparking curiosity and adventure. As architects, our mission is to craft destinations that offer guests an escape from the ordinary and a taste of the extraordinary.”

  • Rivet 26

    Jersey City, New Jersey

  • Rivet 23

    Jersey City, New Jersey

  • Gulf Stream Views

    Boynton Beach, Florida

  • Essex County College

    West Caldwell, New Jersey

  • American Airlines Cayenne Catering Kitchen

    Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Texas

  • NJIT building exterior

    NJIT Rise Student Housing & Parking Garage

    Newark, New Jersey