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Create a Space Where Students Want to Learn

Netta Architects is passionate about supporting education. Each building design or renovation project we undertake is treated with the utmost care to anticipate and exceed student and faculty needs.

Our K-12 Education Studio

Our K-12 Education Studio is led by Larry Uher, RA, AIA – bringing over 30 years of master planning and programming experience to clients. Supported by a staff of passionate architects, our K-12 studio aims to create learning environments that are: Responsive to the curriculum, integrated into educational programming, efficient for faculty and staff, sustainable for years to come.

The Netta K-12 studio works with a vast network of New Jersey K-12 school districts. As an extension of our experience and network, the members of this studio also possess extensive knowledge of the NJDOE project application process. Whether a ROD (Regular Operating District) or SDA school district, our long-standing experience working with NJDOE has equipped our team to meet a diverse range of client needs.

Our team also has extensive experience working with local code officials and with the DCA’s code review process. Within the DCA, the division of Codes and Standards Public Schools Plan Review and Inspection Unit coordinates code review for New Jersey’s public school districts. Our team’s knowledge of the DCA’s requirements and expectations streamlines the code review process, allowing the project to remain on schedule.

Many capital improvement school projects require NJDEP application submission and permitting. Netta Architect’s experience with NJDEP protocols has resulted in many successful public sector projects and connected our team with a strong network of reliable and highly-qualified owners and contractors. We fully supervise the entire process and understand the importance of keeping projects on schedule.

Higher Education

The Netta Architects team also works to design top education facilities for students beyond secondary school. Our Higher Education Studio leverages the deep knowledge, resources, and expertise of its sister K-12 studio to create equally impactful higher education environments for collegiate learners.

As with our K-12 projects, the Netta Higher Education Studio is able to create dynamic learning spaces that are sustainable, comply with necessary government regulations, and oversee the entire process from start to finish.

Netta Education Expert

“We draft more than plans; we shape minds, forge creativity, and construct the visionaries of tomorrow. Every lesson is a blueprint for innovation.”

  • MacKay Library

    Cranford, New Jersey

  • Essex County College

    West Caldwell, New Jersey

  • Union County Vocational Technical Schools

    Scotch Plains, New Jersey

  • Union County College Library Plainfield Campus

    Union County College Library Plainfield Campus

    Plainfield, New Jersey

  • Endeavor School

    North Hanover Endeavour School

    Maguire-Dix-Lakehurst Joint Base, New Jersey

  • Union County College Student Services Center

    Union County College Student Services Center

    Cranford, New Jersey