Creating Innovative Spaces Across the Cannabis Market

Our design professionals understand the unique needs of this rapidly-changing market and offer the expertise and experience to move projects forward. Our team collaborates at every phase of the process, and excels at navigating the regulatory and zoning challenges along the way.

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Whether it’s designing the ideal cultivation environment or an inspiring retail experience, we create custom-tailored spaces that enhance the human experience. Growing, processing and selling cannabis comes with a particular set of regulations and challenges that require customized solutions. At Netta, our design team seamlessly incorporates climate, ventilation, and security solutions without compromising aesthetics.

Netta offers the expertise necessary to create specialized facilities for all stages of the cannabis supply chain.

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Like all agricultural products, growing cannabis requires a controlled environment to meet the plant’s botanical needs such as light, humidity and temperature. Facilities designed for cannabis cultivation must also include additional systems such as air filtration and security.

Person holding laptop and monitors CBD oil machine

Processing and Storage

Every business has specific processing goals and methods for their products. Drying cannabis plants, extracting oil, and preparing edibles all come with unique challenges that a well-engineered building can address. Our staff can incorporate high hazard C1D1 rooms for extraction, sanitary and high-filtration cooking facilities, secure storage rooms, and employee locker rooms.

Hand holds cannabis buds stored in a glass jar


Medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries may look like typical retail spaces from the outside but on the inside they are required to meet highly specific standards. For example, products must be stored behind locked doors, air filtration installed, and secure check-in areas may be required. At Netta Architects, we ensure that local and state regulations and codes are explicitly followed for every project.

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