LSG Sky Chefs Flight Kitchen

Netta Architects was retained by LSG Sky Chefs to program and design a new flight kitchen at JFK International Airport.

The firm was an integral part of a dedicated team comprised  of LSG Sky Chefs (North American and German divisions), ME Booz (operational and systems engineers), and Accedo, Inc. – Mark Castellano (LSG Sky Chefs management consultant). Prior to being retained for this new flight kitchen project, named JFK Big Apple,Netta Architects provided a logistical analysis of LSG Sky Chefs three existing flight kitchen operations at JFK International Airport. After an analysis of the costs, operations, logistics, etc., LSG Sky Chefs made the determination to consolidate the three existing facilities into one 154,000 square foot new state-of-the-art Flight Kitchen and customer service facility.


JFK International Airport, New York, NY


LSG Sky Chefs