• New Horizons Blvd West Interior
  • New Horizons Blvd West Interior
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New Horizons Boulevard West


The Newark Housing Authority, The Michaels Organization, along with Netta Architects, have partnered to design and build a new mixed-use residential community.

Originally known as New Horizons, the four-story Boulevard West now offers 89 affordable, residential rental units with an on-site leasing office and 5,000 square feet of retail/commercial space.

All of the residential units are designed to Energy Star® criteria and each floor features 600 square feet of tenant amenities. Boulevard West provides ample off-street parking and accessible entrances for residents and tenants. This project was completed in May, 2019.

Boulevard West set the stage for continued development of the Belmont neighborhood with a site design that enhances the pedestrian experience. This project focuses on the ground plane at the intersection of the two streets showcasing the retail component of this building along Irvine Turner Blvd. The new building is set back from the property line along both facades, creating an urban space and defining the city streetscape with decorative paving, planting, benches, and site lighting.