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Joanna Strauss RA, PP

Planning & Programming

An expert in master planning and programming, Joanna has worked with dozens of public and private sector clients using her set of compelling design principles. She collaborates with designers on architectural solutions that address needs and context as well as institutional vision, mission and funding priorities. Joanna is an experienced facilitator and understands that successful design solutions are pragmatic as well as visionary. She is able to engage project stakeholders to realize the potential of the project and articulate a vision that can be approved by department leadership, administrations, public stakeholders, university boards and donors.

Professional Experience

30+ years

Featured Projects

Graduate School of Management, Rutgers University, MBA; New Jersey School of Architecture, New Jersey Institute of Technology Bachelor of Architecture; Barnard College, Columbia University, Bachelor of Arts

Professional Affiliations

Educational Program Development

Past President – New Jersey Strategic Facilities Planning and CapitalProject Development