Multi-family design can significantly enhance the lives of anyone accommodating them. Netta Architects takes on each design to ensure residents live comfortably in their new home by providing a property that is Different By Design. Below are some of our key multi-family projects that have become staples in their respective communities. 

Project Name: Middlesex
Client: Advanced Development Group

Rahway, NJ

Rahway Redevelopment Agency is ready to implement their goal of turning Rahway into New Jersey’s next destination hub. Netta Architects has been approved to design a 63-unit residential complex to be situated on East Cherry Street, in the heart of Rahway’s downtown district. Well within walking distance of the busy Rahway train station, the approved complex will serve to promote Rahway’s as a commuter town while bolstering the local economy’s shops, theaters, restaurants, and more. Netta has completed the initial documentation and is moving on to the next phase of development with Rahway Redevelopment Agency. 

Netta Architects takes the time to make our projects unique and appropriate for our clients. Our expertly trained and highly experienced staff ensure only the best sustainable quality for each project we design, and we keep constant communication every step of the way. These select multi-family projects are only a few examples of the expert work we do; to see more of our projects, click here [link to projects page]. 

Project Name: The Gramercy
Client: R2N2

Rahway, NJ

The Gramercy was designed in 2015 and is now well situated in Rahway’s active Downtown Center. Set up on East Cherry Street, the project is a 70,000 square foot facility with 44 new residential units for rent. The surrounding area contains a nearby theater, local shops, and restaurants unique to Rahway. Cherry Street is a busy commercial street located less than a quarter mile from the buzzing train station that provides access to northern NJ and the coast.

Project Name: The Wave
Client: Advanced Development Group

Pompano Beach, FL

Netta Architects was selected by Advanced Development Group to design a new boutique 10-unit Ocean-Front Tower in Pompano Beach, Florida. This twelve-story building has many traits that truly make it Different By Design. The building is designed with ten full floor three-bedroom properties to showcase the impressive ocean views. The Wave also includes a ground level lobby that makes residents feel at home, along with an amenities deck on the second floor to take care of their needs. The outside provides wrap-around balconies to both maximize exterior space and provide access to beachfront views. The luxurious tower is completed by the Wave’s central opaque core featuring a sculpture which serves as the building’s main centerpiece.