Jersey Shore Residence

Custom Modern Home

The Custom Modern Home is a beautiful 3 story, 5,000 square foot home completed in 2018 by Netta Architects.

Located on the apex of Atlantic Highlands overlooking the Raritan Bay, the location of the house relates to the land in a very spontaneous way. This residential home takes advantage of its grade slope, the natural wooded landscape, and the privileged views over the bay. Blending in with the surrounding environment, Netta Architects utilized simple, yet elegant, materials on the exterior to create the perfect outdoor aesthetic. The interior is built specifically to showcase the outside view, creating an open floor plan that accentuates large, functional, and multi-purpose spaces that become both practical and beautiful. The strategic location of the first and second-floor terraces present a park-like atmosphere and affords the occupants a quiet place to relax and decompress. The Custom Modern Home is currently being considered for an AIA Residential Design Award.


Atlantic Highlands, NJ